Why did we build DECK? ๐Ÿ’ก

Why did we build DECK? ๐Ÿ’ก

Apr 4, 2022ยท

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DECK started as a POC for us more than three years ago. We were tinkering with Electron js and discovered the possibility of deep native integration with the underlying operating system using Electron APIs and web technologies. This was an excellent deal for us, being able to create desktop applications with a rich user experience for web developers.

There have been many development environments already built and actively maintained. To name a few, Laradock, Lando & DDEV are quite mature projects we admire and actively follow.

Docker brought a boom to application containerization and then Docker Desktop, and we didn't look back since then. But with Docker comes additional complexities, which is something a web developer of any experience would avoid in the first place. The reason is quite apparent. They need to learn a new JS framework or a PHP, Node js one. It's easy to get started with Docker, but it has a steep learning curve if you want to dive deeper.

Imagine the old days of web development, download XAMPP or WAMP or MAMP, and you are done. Also, it has a GUI! Hell yeah. Our vision is to have the same user experience. So download, run, and you're already coding your project.

However, we don't want newcomers to web development to offer a GUI, forget the underlying complexities, and not learn it. Therefore, all our underlying Docker files and docker-compose projects are open-sourced and configurable (github.com/deck-app). So, anybody could open up the Docker projects in a code editor and do epic shit when it is the right time for them.

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